Created for a production company on the Universal Studios Backlot, made all of the lab equipment based off the 1930's Frankenstein Film. Implimented show control system speciically for lab equipment effects, 140 channels of dmx, all elements are independantly controllable. Ambient show runs rull time and 30 second "overload" show is triggered by large fabricated knife switch on wall.

Sword is made from junk yard steel, acetylene torch and various bits of hardware. Backpack consists of handmade leather pack with Honda seat belt, 1lb propane fuel tank, expansion chamber made from salvaged oxygen canister, regulator and stainless steel braided hose delivering fuel to sword. Sword can be set to idle and the trigger on the torch handle is used to deliver a fire ball upon depression.

A reproduction of training armor worn by the lead in the Showtime series, "Spartacus: Blood and Sand". Made from 8-10 oz. leather, copper and stainless hardware. All weathering/ageing done by hand and piece is custom fit to the client. Have produced four total sets.

A 7' long laser cannon created for the second season of "The Aquabats! Super Show!". Made mostly from ABS and wood, it was designed to be mounted on an off-road vehicle as shown. The red beam seen inside the acrylic tube pulses up and down the length of the weapon at a constant interval.

Handcrafted large handgun/small rifle with ammunition and advertising products. Gun stock is made from pine, with handmade brass and steel hardware; container is made from whitewood and poplar shavings. Bullet casing is made from copper and slug is turned mild steel. Bullet box and advertisement were designed by Chris Gibson (

Reproduction of in-game weapon from Bioshock. Piece is made from heavily modified gas pump handle, cast resin pieces, hand shaped brass, and 1/2" steel round stock. Glass jar has urethane rubber roto cast inside, pigmented and laced with UV reactant dye. Inside are 420nm UV LEDs which cause the glass to glow vibrantly. Display case is made from pine and red oak, with half-round whitewood accents.

Functioning axe/baton and urethane stunt doubles. Axe is made from steel and leather pieces on handle. At rest, the piece is a spiked baton, when trigger is depressed, spring-loaded blades emerge from handle and lock into position to become functioning axe. As seen in pictures, blades use a cable and spring system to eject. Two ABS stunt doubles were created for actor safety.

Knife created from reclaimed spring steel (leaf spring). Handle is Micarta with brass hardware. Approximately 10" in length.

Set of knives created for film. Original is 1095 steel, hand-ground, natural wood handle dried and sealed, with stainless hardware and copper butt-cap. Second is exact replica with exception of urethane rubber blade cast from the original steel version. An additional, not-pictured rig with identical handle and 1/4 of the blade was created to simulate stab wound effect with delivery system for fake blood.

Knife blade is made from reclaimed carbon steel with hand file work on spine. Handle is made from urethane plastic cast of original deer femur with runic characters scribed into the surface. In addition, handle and blade junction is wrapped with deer sinew. Approximately 13" in length.

Leather sheath commission for existing knife. Original pattern, hand cut and sewn by hand, with brass hardware. Details incorporated to match knife.

Leather sheath commission for existing knife. Original pattern, hand cut and sewn by hand. Sculpted details incorporated to match knife.

Leather sheath commission for existing knife. Original pattern, hand cut and sewn by hand. Details incorporated to match knife.

Leather sheath commission for existing knife. Original pattern, hand cut and sewn by hand, with stainless hardware.

Belt hung flask holster made as a personal gift. 10oz leather, laser cut Smokey the Bear image. Hat made from molded leather, removes to allow access to flask, hand stitching.

Created for Chipotle, a 14" long model of a Mechanical Crow from their 3D animated "Scarecrow" short. Made from styrene, acrylic, and brass. Has Arduino controlled eyes with a broken flicker effect as the idea was this is an early non-working prototype of what's in the short, which is also why the client chose gloss black vs. weathered matte. Featured in Television spots for their "Farmed and Dangerous" series.

Made from an older geiger counter, designed to look like a scanning device. When the main switch is turned on, the green light flashes, the analog meter deflects back and forth, and the antenna dish rotates alternating directions every two seconds. When the red button is pressed, two sets of three red lights on either side of the unit chase from back to front.

A set of sci-fi themed spikes designed to stake off and area of the ground. Self-contained batteries light six blue LEDs when the red latching button is depressed. Made from stainless steel, acrylic, and styrene, handles and top dome have a textured rubberized coating.

Created for Universal Studios Hollywood Theme Park, recreation of ghost sensing equipment used by Specs and Tucker characters from the film "Insidious". Some changes were made to the original appearance of the "wand" portion to address durability concerns. Buttons allow user to light up the gauge and flash an led on the device, as well as activate a strobe in the end of the wand.

Created for Universal Studios Hollywood Theme Park, recreation of ghost sensing equipment used by Specs and Tucker characters from the film "Insidious". Completely accurate down to make and model of lenses used.

Created for Universal Studios Hollywood Theme Park, recreation of ghost sensing equipment from "Insidious" as seen in seance scene.

Created for Universal Studios Hollywood Theme Park, recreation of ghost sensing equipment from "Insidious" as seen in seance scene.

Created for Universal Studios Hollywood Theme Park, recreation of the baby walker from "Insidious 2". Completely accurate with exception of fabric pattern of the seat as the pattern is no longer produced. Arduino controlled lights flash randomly on command.

Created for Universal Studios Hollywood Theme Park, recreation of the seance mask from "Insidious". Made from Soviet gas mask and found parts. Mostly accurate with exception of tubing size and material due to budgetary constraints.

Man-of-war style jellyfish made for film, "Natalie, Queen of Scotts". Originally in sculpted in clay, molded in silicone rubber, and cast with translucent silicone, with nylon tentacles. Additionally, various set elements such as hedgehog-style beach barricades and false barbed wire created for the film.

A set of non-functioning ballista/crossbows made for the company Wasteland Weekend. Created from reclaimed steel and designed to be mounted on swivel-style mounts atop towers as seen. Handles/cranks on both units can be manipulated for appearance.

A pair of partial replicas of the M134D weapon system created for a Universal Studios Hollywood attraction. Pedestal mounted, have the ability to move up, down, left, and right. Also were fitted with a bright blinking light in the ends to simulate firing.

With the main construction by (LA Fabricators), we provided most of the guest inputs (button, switches, knobs, ect) for the 2015 Target Wonderland pop up store in NYC and the associated electro-mechanical elements that tied them into the show control system.

A panel display created for "The Aquabats! Super Show!". Two full color touchscreen displays are housed in an anodized black aluminum chassis with green indicator lights. Panels can be loaded with customizable gauge displays and manipulated in real time with the control box included with the package. A second single display version with the same features was created for a prop rental house.

A compact 9vdc delivery system. Effect is attached to two spring-loaded clips, both momentary buttons are depressed simultaneously and the voltage is allowed to pass. Extremely bright green LED indicates circuit is active. Created to be mounted on an existing military training weapon. Initial run was 22 units.

Constructed a set of 8 door control buttons that would be built into the walls of the set for "The Aquabats! Super Show!" Externally the units have faceplates with a brushed steel appearance and a large smoke/black button in the middle. When connected to the control box, the color of the light could be changed from off (black) to white and/or blue due the banks of LEDs encased behind the plates.

A run of RPG-2 heads cast in rigid urethane foam around an aluminum pipe. Made to fit on the end of an existing RPG-7 launcher. Created for military training purposes.

Salvaged roadcase converted to rolling work box. Case containing rackmount hardware and copious amounts of rigid foam was purchased at a salvage yard, gutted, drawers custom built, and work surface on top added. Drawers are made from birch, lock-rabbet joints, lined with low-pile carpet, and mounted on full extension 100lb sliders. Locking bar is made from 1018 steel.

A set of four panels made for a set in "The Aquabats! Super Show!". The panels are laser cut acrylic and the three lights illuminate when the three knobs are rotated.

A custom switching box and power supply designed specifically to switch six different devices back and forth between two 12v channels.

A box made to simulate a device for putting multiple phone lines on hold. Uses lighted square push-button switches with a latching feature so when pressed, the light remains on until pressed again. Made for FOX's "New Girl"

A self contained charge controller for solar/wind generating applications. Automatically senses battery bank voltage and controls the charge rate. Large buttons allow manual override actions. Built in circuit breaker and charge state indicator lights along with voltage readout for battery bank.

A lighting control system made for a game show. The 12-position control knob allows the user to select a pre-defined program which turns each of the 10 contestant's podium lights on and off in a determined sequence. The contestant's can be included or excluded from the programs by engaging/disengaging their numbered lighted-latching buttons.

Rose crafted from hand hammered copper, steel stem, hammered leaves with acid etched details, and brass brazed joints. Weathered display box is made from red oak and shaved poplar, with glass sliding lid.

Functioning lock is made with solid mahogany body, brass hardware, hand cut brass, copper and silver elements with acid etched details. Shackle is made from tempered steel, with brass vines and copper leaves with acid etched details. Key is made from mild steel with acid etching.

Large wall-hung piece, 5' across, made from expanded polystyrene foam skinned in plaster. Painted and aged with acrylic paint.

Large wall-hung piece, 4' in diameter, made from expanded polystyrene foam skinned in plaster. Symbols carved in surface are Nordic runes. Stone texture was worked in by hand, painted and aged with acrylic paint.

Large wall-hung piece, 3' x 3' x 3" solid plaster slab. Surface is hand carved and painted. Frame is mahogany-stained pine, custom made for slab. Design originated from doodle seen in the gallery.

A 24" tall vase, made using coil construction, Raku fired and reduced in a trash can. The cage is made from varying diameters of mild steel round stock, leaves are hand hammered thin gauge plate steel. All connections are braze welded with brass. Entire cage was heated and brushed with brass to unify color.

Crafted from common nuts, bolts, and galvanized steel wire. Sits on a pine base with a 5-sided glass case that fits into the milled grove around edge of base. Plaque reads: 'Pachydermata ferreus' Pachydermata being an out-dated classification for elephants and ferreus being a fictional epithet translating to 'made of iron'.

Mechanical bird made from hand hammered steel plate, brass riveting, found mechanical parts, and various reclaimed metals. All connections are mechanical with the exception of the talons which were brazed on.

Rose crafted from water based clay, fired and painted in acrylic, stem is mild steel, leaves are hammered plate steel. Base is pine with a brass support for the stem.

Large tree created for a display. Base is layered MDF, resin cast bolts, painted with a hammered finish. Tree has a wooden skeleton, fleshed out using expanded polystyrene, and skinned in plaster. Stained, painted, and sealed.

Dart throw effect done for Zoosk Dating commercial. Created pneumatic gun which propelled modified darts down a string attached to an actor to simulate dart being thrown. Made while employed at WESTefx.

Constructed a pair of replica fender squire breakaway guitars for the music video, "Dangerous! - Not One of You" Guitars were filled with confetti and when smashed, a source of wind was used off screen to disperse the confetti. Shot on the RED camera at 60 fps.

A hand-held trigger (pickle) made for various applications. Machined from aluminum, knurled stripe to aid in grip, button guard milled into end to protect from accidental actuation. Button can be a variety of options, shown here, a blue ring is illuminated when the trigger is live. The other end can be any connection desired, from bare wires to a wide array of plugs and sockets.

An illusion built to look like a commercially available desktop teleportation machine. Any item up to 6"x6"x6" can be made to disappear on command. Inside is lit with blue LEDs in addition to Arduino controlled white led chasing and strobing effects. In addition to the machine, the drawers under the tables were custom made for the application.

Effects for the pilot episode of Hellevator. Made the elevator button pannel and the associated controls, desks that spring open on command, and lockers that fling open by themselves.

Worked as a two man team with Production Designer, Alfredo Acle, to clear a remote forest, construct, and assemble an authentic civil war camp for the film "Blood and Soil". Though many smaller items were found/rented, quite a few items were made from scratch according to the period.
Atmospheric smoke and haze effects were also included in the list of responsibilities.

Constructed a set of double sided walls for a short film "The Samurai and the Mosquito". One side was built to appear as the outside of a Japanese building and the other side to be used as the interior of a temple. In addition to walls, a variety of props such as some small furniture, a table top shrine, and authentic bamboo brooms and rakes were created.

Examples of various large signs contructed for film and events. Most are lighted, some with animated lighting effects.

Working off the designs of Set Designer Keiko Moreno, constructed the set for Crown City Theater's production of "A Chicago Christmas Carol". Bricks seen in photos were hand carved from sheets of 1" white bead foam.

Worked with Production Designer Kalae Gam to build a 70's TV show set. Including: proscenium, round riser, bandstand, rigged curtains to fly in and out, on-air sign, and stairs.

Working with designer Keiko Moreno, constructed hexagonal furniture for a Youtube Channel Show. Made from pine with steel components.